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Dementia leadership mentor

Dementia Leadership Mentors

We can assist providers to move their service into a specialist dementia service.  This can increase occupancy and profitability whilst ensuring your service takes advantage of the fastest growing area of care provision.

Your dementia leadership mentor will assist your manager to acquire any new skills they need, lead their service and guide their staff team towards high quality dementia care.  Why leave the home for expensive training?  The dementia mentor will assist your manager on the job.

Our consultants guide you through the process of adapting your care provision and environment to meet the national dementia strategy.

Each client is assessed individually as each care service has differing requirements.

Call 07977511217 today for a FREE consultation phone call to assist you to move your service into dementia care.

We also provide dementia training workbooks for services keen to improve the competency of their care team. View our training workbooks page here.


A recent success story

"We had empty beds, low profits and were generally struggling.  With your help we have moved into dementia care, started a dementia support group, are offering dementia day and respite care and are aiming to become a local flagship dementia home.  We didn't have to make too many changes to the environment more to our method of care provision which has been enjoyable for the staff team.  The result of this is the bottom line has picked up.  The local authority are thrilled with our changes and referrals are at an all time high.  Good service thank you"

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