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Dementia Care/ Communication Test

Modern Dementia Care/Communication Test

1. If your staff talk to someone who “wants to go home.”  What will their response be?
a. Do they give a factual answer? – This is your home now
b. Do they tell a lie? – You can go home later
c. Do they take the time to discover what emotion it is the person is really missing and then aim to fill that missing emotion?
d. Do they aim to distract the person offering them a cup of tea or something similar?

Answer C takes practice and skill but is the only correct answer if you aim to offer personalised validating dementia care.  Often what the person is missing is a feeling of being loved or belonging, or comfort from familiarity.  All those emotions can be met by care staff with training.

2. If Pam a confused person who also has diabetes refuses to eat at lunch time.  What would your staff do?
a. Come on Pam its lunch time you need to eat or you will get ill
b. Come on Pam everyone else is having lunch just try a little bit
c. They try again later
d. Would they try to find out why Pam is not keen to eat and try to resolve the situation that way
e. Would they ask Pam to sit with them quietly somewhere whilst they ate in the hope she would become hungry
f. Would they place Pam’s food near her in case she changed her mind

Of the above answers which do you think validate Pam as a person most?

3. Have you ever rung a company only to get through to their overseas call centre?  Most of the times they can only give you the scripted answers they know, or at times they give you their scripted answer even if it is not the answer to your question sometimes they put words in your mouth or pass you onto a different person.….  How valued as a person does it make you feel?  What are your reactions to this?   Do you get fed up, frustrated, angry or disillusioned?  

A person with dementia who does not get their question answered will have exactly the same feelings as you.  How often do you or your team not fully acknowledge the question?  When we are busy it is only too easy to try to distract someone with a suggestion of a cup to tea or another up coming meal.  Imagine if the call centre you rang about your phone bill tried to distract you in a similar way.

4.  If a confused service user keeps asking the time, what would your staff answer?
a. The time is 4 o'clock
b. It's 15 minutes later than the last time you asked
c. It's 4 o'clock, why don't you come into the sitting room with me?
d. It's 4 o'clock, what do you normally like to do at this time of day?
e. It's nearly tea time
f.  The time is 4 o'clock, are you missing something?

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