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Knowsley Care Project

Five Knowsley care homes lead the way for others in an innovative quality project

This week, the first five care homes completed their participation in an  innovative quality development project.  In a creative bid to benefit the elderly population of Knowsley; the safeguarding team and local authority teamed up with care development consultancy, Your Care Associates.to undertake a pilot support project for a group of local care homes. 

"Our aim was to support care homes to modernise the care they offer so that in the future we can be sure  good quality care is available for the elderly population in our borough"  said Linda Crawly, head of the safe guarding and quality assurance team for Knowsley. 

Clare Hunter, leader of Your Care Associates stated "Knowsley have demonstrated their forward thinking approach to long term care by supporting local care providers.  Its the leaders of local homes that affect the care enjoyed by the local community.  By supporting these managers the care received by the older population within Knowsley will be improved."  "Its refreshing to work alongside an authority that takes such positive steps towards care quality".

"Homes in Knowsley were offered opportunity to develop their care over a six month period with the assistance of Your Care Associates.  We are proud that this week they completed their initial involvement. With some homes opting to continue their service development."

Through Your Care Associates the homes have been offered the opportunity to develop their care provision by supporting the managers to make improvements at grass roots level with the care team, in addition to improving their quality monitoring systems.  
" the participating homes have improved the care received by the people living in the homes by developing their care teams and their quality assurance systems".  "All the managers participating have improved their leadership skills giving the homes a greater chance of offering modern care to their local community for the future" 

Key outcome achievements have included:-
Reduction in safe guarding incidences,
Improved quality care evidence,
Reduction in medication errors, 
Improved care planning,
Higher quality documentation provided by care workers,
Improved occupancy,

The participating managers when asked stated  "The monthly visits have really helped me to focus on my service provision", "Our service users have a better quality of life now", “they have delivered an excellent support and understanding to enhance our previous practices, cannot think of any way in which we could have been helped better".


For more information contact Clare Hunter - Your Care Associates 01398 323 651 or clare@yourcareassociates.co.uk

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