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Care Service Audits and Quality Assurance

 Our Consultants can audit your service whilst they train your team to conduct future audits and quality assurance with clarity and efficiency.

Do you have a thorough, effective, quality assurance systemthat provides an accurate picture of your service provision, thus helping you with direction, leadership  andcompliance? 

Do all members of your management team really have the skills to contribute to the provision of meaningful quality assurance and self assessment? Managers need help and the management team should be able to provide that help.

Our aim is to provide you with high quality audits whilst enabling your team to provide audits and self assessments moving forward. If we do our work effectively you will be left with a comprehensive picture of your current situation, audit templates, and the skill to conduct self assessments correctly.

Your audit trainer is fully experienced to provide this service in a non intrusive, sympathetic, fashion thus ensuring that your daily routines of service provision are not affected and your service users feel comfortable and happy participating in the exercise, your staff will not feel under pressure or under the spotlight.

Until you have a benchmark for your own service through self-assessment you cannot begin to gather evidence to support your compliance.  Our auditing service encourages you to highlight your areas of strength as well as those areas that may need improving upon. 

We can either audit the whole of your service against current regulations or simply areas that you would like to have evaluated.  By conducting a thorough check of complianceyou will be fully prepared to provide evidence of the quality of your service.

Our customers comments:

"Through the audits we have identified small areas of non compliance and managed to rectify them before our inspector attended. Thankyou for the whole process it was far more positive than I expected" Care Provider North East

"The bi monthly audits you conduct are one of the most helpful tools in our quality assurance system. We initiated the audits having been served notice to improve.  We are now fully compliant and intend to keepthings that way. Having a period of non compliance cost us far more than any audit has ever done." Care Manager South West

"Having your training has helped our quality assurance and has increased my confidence, thank you" Care Manager North

"Auditing has helped us obtain improved CQC reports,they are the best investment we have made this year.  We delayed obtaining consultancy help due to costs. Now we know the cost of non compliance is greater by far" Provider North West

Following our visityou will receive a clearly laid out feedback report that can form the basis ofyour action plan for improvements. Plus your team will have had the training to ensure that in the future your quality assurance will be helpful to yourservice.

 Contact Clare on 01409 220100,  07977511217 or email  clare@yourcareassociates.co.uk today to see how we can make the process easy by using our on-site consultancy service.


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