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Our Care Consultancy & Care Training Services

All our services aim to provide practical solutions to achieve success in your personal situation.

  1. Provider Management Consultancy  -  Our services assist providers to develop a solution for success.  Proven success with; CQC compliance issues, profitability, strategic planning, care manager performance, service audits, culture change, occupancy levels, provider compliance, dealing with complaints and meeting  requirements. 
  2. Management Mentors Improve/ develop your care manager's performance to increase the success of your business.  Invest in your business success whilst retaining control of your business. Excellent for both new and very experienced managers.
  3. NEW Dementia Mentors - Mentors to ensure you offer the highest quality dementia care. We can assist you to specialise in modern dementia care. 
  4. Care Service Audit - Offering an independent audit of your service to assist you to establish exactly where your service provision is right now.  Where you are preforming well and where improvements need to be made. Read part 2 of gathering evidence for CQC made easy here.
  5. Care Home Culture - We provide you with effective practical methods to modernise the care you provide.  Is your service offering modern person centered care?  Is it time to diversify the services you offer?   Evaluate your care team communication skills for free click here
  6. Dementia Care & Training - We help you adjust your service to ensure you are offering high quality dementia care and support.  We provide modern dementia training, personalised care training, social care training, dementia design assistance plus help changing your care ethos.  Are you really providing modern quality dementia care?  Test your service for free 
  7. Mentoring and coaching services-  The greatest success is achieved by support and motivation, the care leaders job can be an isolated one.  With professional support how much more could you achieve?
  8. Care Training Workbooks - An effective and low cost alternative to our training.  These training workbooks bridge the gap between formal education and practical daily care provision, assisting you to embed real improvements to your service.

All our services will be bespoke to the needs of your requirements.  For a free initial 30 min telephone consultation contact us today. Call 07977511217.  In today's market financial profitability plus care performance are vital for sustainability.

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