"I’m thrilled our home was described as the Rolls Royce of care homes by the local social worker.  Thank you for your help Clare we are full and flying"

Nikki - Care Home Manager Devon

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PR Success Test

PR Success Test

  1. If you attend your local GP surgery and ask people of all ages in the waiting room to name their local care providers, do they name your service?
  2. How many referrals has your local GP made in the past year?  Consider this number in relation to how many of your client group he/she must see each year.
  3. If you walk up the high street of your local shopping centre asking questions, how many people you ask know about your service?
  4. If you have a care home how many times have you visited other local day care centres etc in the past year?  If you are a charity or domiciliary care service how many other care services have you visited?
  5. How frequently do you have an article or piece of news in the local press for no charge?
  6. How many 'non' clients have you helped out over the past three months?
  7. How many people do you have in your 'friends of' or volunteer group?

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