"I’m thrilled our home was described as the Rolls Royce of care homes by the local social worker.  Thank you for your help Clare we are full and flying"

Nikki - Care Home Manager Devon

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Safeguarding Support

Safeguarding Support Services

If you are a care provider the chances are you have had at least one safeguarding incident in your service recently.  

Safeguarding incidents can be extremely damaging for both the business reputation, the employee team, the manager and the people using the service.

Many services are contacting us needing help with Safeguarding related issues either around; recent alerts raised against their service, or the number/type of alerts being raised, or around complaints they know have potential to become difficult issues.  

"It has been a pleasure to work with you ...... I must state that you have handled the issue extremely well. ...........We now have full confidence in the home." V. Safeguarding Officer

Introducing our Safeguarding Support department.  We will attend your home, support and assist you in every way to hep you through the safeguarding situation, including:
  • Supporting your manager
  • Assisting with action planning
  • Provide hands on assistance to resolve issues
  • Provide assistance rebuilding reputations/ service confidence
Our safeguarding team have may years experience managing care services and successfully dealing with safeguarding issues.

"I contacted Your Care Associates following a safeguarding incident after a lady was admitted to hospital and found to be dehydrated.   Clare helped me every step of the way,  she came to meetings with me, assisted me to formulate my action plan, helped me achieve the action plan and supported the staff team who were very distressed.  I am so very grateful for all the support I received"  Care Home Owner

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