"I’m thrilled our home was described as the Rolls Royce of care homes by the local social worker.  Thank you for your help Clare we are full and flying"

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32 Bed residential home - South Devon

The Issues

16 empty beds, staff shortage, no care manager, stressed out owners, low profitability.  The home historically had been profitable but was "struggling through a prolonged bad patch"

Your Care Associates, attended the home to conduct a full review of care compliance, and business viability to establish the true position. From this rather painful starting point an action plan was drawn up taking a organisational wide approach.

Your Care Associates mentored and assisted the manager through the whole process, gaining the commitment from staff, engaging with service users and local care professionals.  Supporting the manager through CQC discussions and safe guarding meetings.  Services also included training staff, enhancing the care ethos, advise around environmental improvements, identifying the aspirations of the home, preparing future plans, re writing policy documents and marketing the service.  Financial and business planning focused upon sustainable development for the business success.

The Outcome

One year on the home is a different place:-
· home full with over 90% private fee payers, the average fee is 25% higher than the local average fee.
· highly profitable and requires minimal input from the owners
· the home receives high numbers of enquiries and referrals
· the staff team is consistent, all staff exceed the minimum training requirements, staff regularly choose to volunteer to help out on trips and activities in their own time.
· staff are motivated to sit and chat with service users and their families
· a wide cross section of the local community attend the home regularly
· costs have reduced as the whole home works to reduce waste
· the homes active volunteer group help spread the word, participate in activities, form part of the quality assurance group and generally help out.
· the home has regular articles in the local paper

"Your care associates were a pleasure to work with, their commitment and energy motivated me to focus on areas for improvement one at a time. They became part of our team, their knowledge, training, and support were tremendous. All their care suggestions were fresh, practical, and achievable; we are offering services that diversify our income and bring new clients to our service. My staff team are highly enthused and working to achieve greater levels of excellence. Thanks, you enabled me to turn this home around when I thought all was lost"

Achieving compliance - For care home operators

Meeting the Essential Standards of quality and safety is a challenge providers and managers continue to struggle with, especially in the face of financial difficulties and an ever changing market.  Many homes facing their first compliance review have been shocked to find that although they were previously rated as ‘excellent’, they now find they are not meeting the regulations or even find themselves facing warning notices for non-compliance.  How can this be?

As the manager of a home in the North West explains, “We had no idea that our quality assurance process was no longer compliant.  With the help of Your Care Associates Auditing Team we were able to identify our areas of weakness, we were surprised and shocked that areas we thought were compliant were no longer so. We implemented new and creative ways of gathering evidence to prove we were listening to, observing and taking account of people’s experiences and improving their quality of life.  Now that we understand how compliance, works we are using the self-assessment process to offer a quality service we are proud of and it has not cost the earth.” 

"We would advise anyone who has not used an external auditing company to do so.  Your Care Associates were thorough, helped us demonstrate our strengths and weaknesses to CQC and generally ensured the whole process was a positive one.  They guided us through our resulting action plan.  A great investment in my business future, rather than finding out when CQC finally came to visit" “Your Care Associates have provided an excellent service and very importantly excellent back up support”   Mrs T Care Home Owner Manchester

Care Home Devon

"I’m thrilled our home was described as the Rolls Royce of care homes by the local social worker.  Thank you for your help Clare we are full and flying."

Care Home Manager Devon


Nigel - Care Assistant

"Debi’s training course was the best I have ever attended, at last a trainer who gives us practical ideas, tips and support whilst making it fun and thought provoking.  Thanks so much Debi."

21 Bed Home

The home was subject to a safe guarding complaint made by a new member of staff.  The experienced manager had been at the home several years and thought that every thing was "running pretty ok" until that point.  Your Care Associates were called in to help investigate the complaint.

During complaint investigation there was no hard evidence of abuse rather an insidious trend of staff running the care to suit them instead of all daily routines and care begin formulated to put each individual person first.

Your Care Associates worked with manager and safe guarding team to implement a new ethos of care throughout the home.  Though a range of education, personal responsibility, evaluation and mentoring the manager achieved small adjustments to the care with massive results.  The outcome of which staff performed better thus the home business performed better.  The safe guarding officer commended the home for their excellent handling of the situation.

"It has been a pleasure to work with you ......  I must state that you have handled the complaint extremely well.  Your small changes in culture have resulted in a massive improvement in care, we now have full confidence in the home." Val  Safe Guarding Officer

"Thanks for your help, I was horrified when I realised how staff were actually carrying out the care.  I always thought we are a very good caring home, its was distressing to realise my own team were doing things differently to the way I thought they were.  You supported me and made change achievable, the whole team enjoyed your sessions, such small changes have made such a big difference"  Mrs L - Owner


Customer Comments

"We have used your medication audit tool and your consultancy services and I must say both are quite excellent." Home manager

"Thank you for the professional sympathetic way you handled our difficult situation"  home owner

"Having a sounding board has proved an invaluable asset to me, we have gone from strength to strength at a time when I thought there was no light at the end of the tunnel." Mrs T manager 

"Thank you for your tremendous support – I am feeling so very much better about life and my work, I will use these techniques with the rest of my team so they too can feel this inspired. "  Mr D manager

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