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The greatest success is achieved by support and motivation

 Mentoring for care business performance

Is your business as successful as you would like it to be? 

Care leaders are more successful with personal support; motivation is improved, stress reduced, time management made more effective, outcomes achieved, care quality enhanced and overall performance is improved.  Improved leader performance = improved business performance.

The most successful business owners, care providers and even sportsmen have coaches and mentors to help them to achieve their dreams. 

Running a care business can be lonely. You can not necessarily share your concerns with employees or service users, it can be hard to know how to handle new challenges in the current economic climate.  If your care business is not performing as successfully as you would like who can you turn to for help?   If you have a gap in your knowledge or experience it can be difficult to know where to turn.  Can you afford to leave the home for expensive time consuming training?

Often you can not see the words for the trees, or you feel you are busy running hard but getting nowhere.  If you can relate to any of these issues mentoring or coaching could work very well for you.  

The support was at the level and pace I needed Thank you Mrs A Care Manager

Excellent service, I would highly recommend it Mrs B Care Manager

Remember if you continue to do the same things you will continue get the same results!

If the care, profitability, staffing, quality or reputations is not quite how you wish it was you need to change something you are doing.

Your mentor will assist by helping you to
. develop key business skills
. provide guidance on developing and improving your business
. help you with difficult decisions
. help with ideas for new products or services, or ways of working
. offer tips for your business that are gained from practical experience
. improve your problem solving abilities
. build your confidence in your ability
. help you set your route plan to make whatever changes you need to make and help you to achieve them
. hold you to action to achieve results

We offer a mentoring service that will help the leader focus on and successfully achieve their goals within the home.  Our mentors have been care managers and/or business owners themselves and are qualified coaches.

We offer two levels of service:-

  • Business leader mentoring

Business leaders will receive face to face mentoring sessions monthly with our senior mentors, with a telephone or email session weekly.  Face to face sessions will last around three to four hours. Mentoring will transform your business success, can you afford to be left behind? 

  • Care manager mentoring

Care manager mentoring receive a monthly session with one of our mentors.  The session will last about two hours. All aspects of the home management will be covered and results obtained.

Customers of ours have wondered if mentoring would be cost effective given the pressures on today's budgets.  We often hear just how much they got from the mentoring and how the improved efficiency of their business far out weighs the cost.  Can you afford not to have a mentor?

I thought I was a good, effective manager of a good, high quality, home, I had no idea I could improve and achieve all this  Miss H, Care Manager

My business is in profit for the first time in years!  Mr D. Owner

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